Exit Nodes

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Exit Nodes

Use of exit nodes requires lokinet 0.8.x or higher.

Manual Usage

use a configruation override by placing a file at /var/lib/lokinet/conf.d/00-exit.ini


replace addressgoeshere with an address in the below list.

alternatively you can use the command line tool:

lokinet-vpn --exit addressgoeshere --up

Public Exits


  • rom.loki (Romania, run by maddisyn) (4 dedicated cores)
  • exit.loki (USA, run by OPTF)
  • exit2.loki (USA, run by OPTF, same ip as exit.loki)
  • peter.loki (USA, run by peter)
  • door.loki (USA, run by Delusion)
  • euroexit.loki (Netherlands, run by BlackHouse)


  • tixe.loki (run by cafe loki)
  • exit-gondor.loki
  • exit-arda.loki
  • xyz.loki (Lithuania)
  • blackhouse1.loki (Netherlands, run by BlackHouse)
  • blackhouse2.loki (Netherlands, run by BlackHouse)
  • xite.loki (Iceland, run by Loutchi)
  • finland.loki (finland, run by maddisyn)